This Is To YOU

November 21, 2011 1:03 pm

Let me begin with the most important part of this post: thank you. 

Every day I try to find more ways to reach out to friends, fans, music lovers and listeners alike.  In the past week through the release of the “Maybe Tonight” music video, I’ve reached out and so many of you have responded.  I’m overwhelmed with the support and the love that you have shown me, and I cannot begin to explain how thankful I am for that response.  Music is a dialogue, it is meant to be shared, and it is a great feeling to know that  I’m not speaking to an empty room.  Thank you for allowing me to do what I love.

Thanks to your support, the “Maybe Tonight” music video broke 1,000 plays on YouTube in less than a week!  Definitely be sure to go watch the video and share it with your friends.

It was also really great to finally release the new  It’s designed to give you more information when you need it, so don’t be afraid to click around!  You can check out the completely new photoshoot, find ways to stay connected on facebook and twitter, and get yourself a ridiculously comfortable American Apparel Catie King “Catch and Release” t-shirt.

We just announced a new show in on December 8th in Wilmington, NC at The Soapbox with IJ Quinn and Brandon Kirkley and the Firecrackers.  This show will be an acoustic set, so it’ll be a more personal look at some old favorites, new songs, and popular covers.  Come on out and let us entertain you!

Again, I can’t thank you enough for the role you play in my life and my music.  Please, stick around.

With tons of love and Mountain Dew,